FireCracker 5000 Cross Country Race

The Firecracker 500 Cross Country race is growing in popularity every year. This race is held during the Independence Day weekend and begins at the Branson Landing. The course is flat so anyone can jog or stroll along this course. This course will follow a trail that goes along the edges of Lake Taneycomo that is located in the town of Branson, Mississippi. This race is sponsored by a number of major corporations so that it will be allowed to run for another year.

If you are interested in participating in the FireCracker 2000 race you will need to sign up before the day of the race. There are fees that need to be submitted and this race is designed for teams of 5 or more people. There is also an early registration if you want to complete the race as an individual. If you are coming to the race and do not live in the area you can print out your registration form and mill it in. there will be shirts given to the first 600 people that register for this event.


The course of the FireCracker 5000 is going to start at the foundations in the center of the town of Branson Landing. The course will make its way along the Bass Pro parking lot and then will go down to the RV park. After passing this park the course will go to the Alexsander Park. The course will then take the long way back to the Pro shop before going back to the starting point of the fountains. Runners like this race because the majority of the course passes by Lake Taneycomo. This provides a nice cooling breeze. In addition to running the race you can choose to walk it. This will still allow you to get your exercise in. There are some small prizes for individuals as well as teams that complete the race is the fastest amount of time.

Before the day of the race you can go online and find out information about previous winners. You can see their name , the gender, and the time that they finished the race in. if you are planning on running this race as part of a competition you will know the time that you will need to beat and the pace you will need to fun at.

This race will allow you to get out and enjoy nature. You will also be able to go out and work on your running. This race is the 5K so it will take some endurance to finish. You should prepare for the race ahead of time by working out and running. Even if you choose to walk the race it is still expected to take you are least two hours to finish. This race will allow you to get out there are enjoy nature while you are working on your exercise as well. This race does benefit charity so you will be working towards a good cause as well.